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Shell server streaming problem


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Did you try pb_sv_restart in the console or try restarting the server? I also heard someone say some of the pb updates may have overwritten some files. You can try to use the Automated Hub Setup again.

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Yes tried all of the above, auto set up gives me this message: Corrupt or Mismatched PB Server files (F35A)


Was running fine till the pb updates were applied to all my servers then the WaW one threw a wobbly! Not getting any answers either :(

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Save your config files on a save playce, delete the contents of your pb directory and run pbsetup


It will install punkbuster again with the good files. After that, place your saved config files back and do a pb_sv_restart.


Should do the job (it did for me, i was using cod4 pb files in cod5.... this fixed the problem for the F35A).

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Not sure how it sorted itself out but I reinstalled the fix, then used the auto setup and bob your uncle.... but on the other hand gaming deluxe might have done something without telling me and that made the difference?? Anyway at the moment all fixed and thanks for the help chaps


CoD WaW -

Cod 4 -


ps; thanks Ice Man

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