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@ All


The Linux files are now for examination with Activision and already the Patch 1.1 integrated. Like for a long time we now again to wait must are with Activision and probably likewise because of progress the development of Patch 1.2.


COD:WaW was handed off to Activision QA last night.


If you need more information, I'm sure you can find someone's phone

number to ask them.




Who is Ryan C. Gordon?


Ryan C. Gordon, also known as icculus, is the one responsible for creating native Linux and Macintosh ports for a number of different popular games on the market. Some of the games he has worked on have included the Unreal 200X series, Call of Duty, Medal of Honor, America's Army, Postal 1/2, Battlefield 1942 and Serious Sam. Ryan is also the system administrator for over 100 open source developers that work on a countless number of open source projects. Icculus also maintains icculus.org, which is the home to a number of open source projects, hosting of different news items, and a number of different homepages.


How does he look?







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