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PB duplicate screent shots


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I have been trying to figure out what would cause this to happen. I am running 64 bit windows 64, Battlefield 2. I don't cheat and I would like to clear my name. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. The following is a reason I got banned from a server:

"I was the one who did the ban. This is why:


I saw that you were 30 - 2, So with that I was alerted and decided to check into the SS. I found that you were flying A jet when the PB Screenshots were being taken. So They would have had no reason to take the same Screenshot or be black.


As for the Screenshots themselves. There were 3 groups of 2 Screenshots in each group. Each group had the exact same SS. One in a Jet getting ammo, the other was of the login screen for the server, and the other was the screen with the main menu of the game.


Now To me anyone who was doing that well and had 3 different SS when 6 were taken all while ingame and 4 of the 6 did not even show the ingame feed.


I watched for a good 10 minutes. And I could not figure out why. I did see you had played there before which is why I was waiting to see what would change. But none the less the score went up the the SS stayed the same. So I had to ban.


Im not sure if the SS is because of the 64 Bit issue for xp as it is for the 64 bit for vista?


I will need to do some more research into this issue and background."

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evenbalance has stated this is a buffer error with the computer. Black screenshots can be caused by various issues(drivers and combinations of hardware) and I have not had one screenshot that wasn't black.


We do not endorce banning for repeate screenshots or black screenshots but it is their server.



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