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What program, software or coding is used so that PNG's are filled in with information on a blank canvas? Like you use here for PBBans sigs.


If there is a guide, software, coding can you point me in the right direction. And yes I can use MYSQL and have full phpadmin access.


Or even a textbox that when you click submit it will produce the signature with the details entered


Thank you

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Correct duality.


I would like to know if there is software or a code/programming out there that will generate information from a database or the results entered in a text box that will put that information onto a blank canvas (picture). This will then generate a PNG picture with all the information entered that someone could save.


The above process will be PBBans use to generate its signatures with information pulled out of the database from your account.

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My guess would be PHP with GD functions - search google for php create image, or search for the function imagecreate().


I say I "guess" because that's the method I use, and I assume the same that MaydaX uses, but it could be different.

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To do that you need to have access to a programming language so you can dynamicly generate the image based on the imput. If you don't know which language you want to do it in I'd recommend PHP just because its open source and very popular for web based coding. The easiest way to do it with PHP is to use the GD extension.



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