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Hey all,


I've got a question about the cvars:






Well, how you all know, does each of this commands move your gun on your screen and the only allowed integer is 0.


But my question is now, why are these 3 cvars cheat protected and/or does PB enforce ban for them if we use those?

I don't see any reason to protect them and if theres one reason, can you please explain?


Thanks anyway for help


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I see no one got a clue. Thanks anyway to those, who thought about a reason.

We don't sit and wait for people to post to answer them.

To your question, why do you think those CVars are cheat protected?

I'm not going to tell you because the obvious reason is why you want to use them.

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- Bans are not placed for these cvars - they're stock cvars.

- They can't be enabled in-game since they're cheat protected.

- The server must have sv_cheats set to 1 for them to be able to be used.

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Okey thanks, I got my answer now.


And the reason is that I just wanted to move my gun a bit forward to see the back of it. Makes Thompson look a lot better.


Well, BlackWolf answered it.


Have a nice day all

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