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guid and ip?

the killer

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im just want to say how do you get to know what your servers GUID and IP

and your PB's GUID??


I don't know what you mean by your servers GUID and IP.

You can find out your PB GUID if you connect to a PB enabled server and type into console 'pb_myguid' (without the quotes ;) )

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soz just need to obtain my servers ip..

is there a command for that?


tryed the Pb command.. but get this response: PunkBuster Server: Unknown Command/Setting: pb_sv_myguid

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Maybe AcE... but it's more fun the other way :P

"what your servers GUID and IP"

Your server has a guid?

And... you want to know it's IP? I presume you're hosting it on your own PC... If you're not behind a router or if your ports are properly forwarded (one of those two is needed for somebody outside your Local Network to be able to connect), you'll get your external ip at http://whatsmyip.org

Otherwise, for your internal IP , open the Command Prompt ( windows-logo-button + R -> type "cmd" (without quotes) -> press enter) -> type "ipconfig" ((again, without quotes)) -> press Enter and it will show you your IP.


[email protected] :// the pb_sv_myguid command isn't supposed to exist. The pb_myguid command is for the client (player). And I'm pretty sure a server isn't supposed to (and doesn't) have a PBGuid.....

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