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Nazi Zombie Subway Released!


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And now begins what I believe will be a stronghold in making CoD:WW last longer, custom Nazi zombie mode maps/content! AmishThunder and Sparks proudly release what they call The Last Christmas, and it looks like it will be a lot of fun!

Zombie co-op set in an underground subway with access to the street level. There are 11 different ways for zombies to get in. Plenty of room to maneuver around, while running and shooting at the zombies. Christmas assets included and sounds.


*Please read the readme for installation instructions.




TotalGamingFiles is proudly hosting this custom content.



I like this map they did a very good job this was originally posted somewhere else im just passing it along.

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Sorry to bring up an old topic but i had to.

Map is pretty good, although there is a glitch where u can get onto the second floor without buying the rock.

Makes it easy to get the zombie and not to mention the magic box is upstairs aswell.

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