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App. to be unbaned from the punkbuster system


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PunkBuster Server: 83 5776bfeee4cc05825b875f14f12d9739 {0/-1} "=SFH= Lange" "" VIOLATION (PB HACK) 132056


This is what my clan leader / boss gave me, and said that i should go here to get myself unbaned


i dont know what it is, and i have never used aimbot or something, im requesting a unbaning


and what means PB HACK?


Ask me for everything i want to proove i dont hack

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This is the Ban Link: http://www.pbbans.com/mbi-viewban-f12d9739-vb91011.html


If you feel this ban is in error, fill out a ticket with Evenbalance.




On the ban link you will see a 'Appeal this Ban' button. Click the button and fill out the information requested to include a link to your Evenbalance ticket. This will allow PBBans to monitor your Evenbalance ticket and aid in the appeal process.


*Additional Note:

It seems your CD-Key may have been compromised. With a leaked CD-Key you most likely need to purchase a new game and ensure your computer has been cleaned of any software which may have leaked your CD-Key.

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