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I just wanted to let everyone know about this great site. If any clans need redirect space, webspace for a clan site or free vent channels, this place can help. Here's a little description;


Hello fellow gamers, modders, mappers etc. Are you looking for FREE redirect space for your clan? Have maps you want people to download fast threw your server? Have a mod? Xtreme Redirect offers everyone a 1gig FREE space limit. We are expanding our services to accommodate new things.

Xtreme Redirect also gives FREE ventrilo channels as well web space. For more information please head over to Xtreme Redirect to get more information on this great service we have for you gamers. Also look out for our Live Support if you have specific questions you want to ask.


Thanks and looking forward to seeing you guys/gals



Also this is NON PROFIT site we are just fellow gamers here to help out the gaming community



[email protected]


(ps.sorry if i posted in the wrong section)






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Xtrememredirect.com has been around for a few months - not sure what the problem was today...haha


The site is now working again. So please check it out.

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Guest Xtreme Redirect

We apologize for the site being down yesterday for a few hours. It was out of our control as the data center had to take care of the issue.


It's running 100% now and special thanks to Duality for the approval :) Happy Holidays everyone! :)

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