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guid 42106515b5ade37ff33f4f03294b564b


he got banned from the first time he came in with same serial and check it out in Mpi


how can he now join our server....he is playing and not kicked by pbbans hub


how is there a problem in my server ?? plz help

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GUID 42106515b5ade37ff33f4f03294b564b was last seen on your server on Dec 17, 2008 at 10:09 am.

Btw this very GUID was banned more than a week ago.


So whether your server was not streaming a few minutes ago when the guy came back or he has changed GUID.


But one should always keep in mind that MPI data may be a little delayed. So I'll check again in a couple of hours.


Edit : Your server's MSI page shows Data Last Received 18 mins ago.

If the server is not empty please check the streaming configuration and do the setup again if necessary.

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I just checked again, server is streaming (Data Last Received time was updated).

Thanks for the PBSS, I'm looking into it.


Edit : My bad, I wasn't looking at the right server, somehow I clicked on your CoDWaW server :P


Concerning your issue, I cannot find the connection log for 42106515b5ade37ff33f4f03294b564b.

I suspect streaming was lost, then the guy joined, then streaming kicked back up, but as Enforce Bans only applies during the connection process, once the guy was connected to your server he was able to stay.


I will need your PB server logs to confirm that.

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