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[MOD]CoopWarfare 0.7 OUT NOW!


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While im reading back here a bit (havent been here for a month or 3) why not post something to spice up fear abit :)




Coop Warfare 0.7




* New maps: Clone Crisis, Underground Factory

* Updated older maps where possible

* Fixed the support of SP maps on retail clients



* We now have a working Flamethrower

* Throwing Knifes! (you get them with every loadout) (use "Next Grenade" key to select)

* A new "secret" weapon: the Shotty Pistol(s) (available in Docks Coop)

* You can now carry 5 weapons by default

* You can place up to 10 (instead of 5) remotes and proxies now

* Two new special loadouts: "Nade Whore" and "Ninja"



* Dynamic difficulty based on the number of players

* Max Armor is now at 150

* Certain enemies now drop pickups when they die (not sure about the medkits though)

(PowerArmor: Medkit, HeavyArmor: Light Armor, Assassin: Health Injector)

* Added the ability to buy weapons with your score

(has to be included in map design, a few maps support it)

* Gore: Gibbing reduced, but severing will occure more often



* CountPlayers command to get number of Players on a server

Can be used for a wide variety of dynamic events

* CustomDifficulty command for turning dynamic difficulty off in own maps

Can be used if a mapper wants to implement own difficulty adjustment methods.

* BuyWeapon command: To be used in weapon vendors

* Additional arithmetic operators: mult, div, and mod

* BoostHitPoints command for AI. Changes AI's Health to a specified percentage.


Link: http://coopwarfare.lithfaq.com

also: http://games.xs4all.nl


Server will be up in an hr after posting this :)

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