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Failed to resolve etguidauth.evenbalance.com

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i cannot seem 2 fix my pb i have tried everthing suggested 2 me including using PBSetup, and attempting 2 get a new PBNS.DAT but nothing is working has anyone got some suggestions please :unsure: thanks for your time

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You're trying to generate a new etkey. Is this a new install of the game?


If so, here are a couple of possible work-arounds. I've personally had this issue come up myself with the game, but only once, and it's been a while.


-Type in the console /pb_cdkeyreg by hitting the ~ button, and then use the command.


- open the file "C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc\hosts" in notepad

- add " etguidauth.evenbalance.com"

- save the file

- next delete the file "pbns.dat" from the C:\Program Files\Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory\pb folder

- double click pbweb.exe located in the same folder

- connect to an ET/TC:E server, check the console for punkbuster relatet errors

- play the game.


Last option. Re-name your current pb folder to pb_old, create a new pb folder(lower case) then run pbsetup.exe from within it, and create all new pb files, rather than over-writing the old ones.

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