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COD4 graphics issue


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Anyone seen this before?


Laser dot in COD4 (with NV enabled) is absolutely massive when "soften smoke edges" is enabled. Makes the game really annoying to play unless I turn that setting off (and what is the point, when you have a high end card an quad core CPU? :P). Help greatly appreciated, screenshots attached.


Running an ATI Radeon HD4850 1Gb, 8.12 drivers, Windows XP SP3.


Note that I am pointing at objects in the distance with the laser - any closer and it whites out the screen pretty much.


Tried reinstalling COD4, patching in different orders on reinstall - and tried different drivers. :(





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Intel Xeon X3360 @ 3.7 and a 4870X2 settings maxed out on 1680x1050.

I dont got the same issues as you but when i aim on smoke i have reflections of my laser, think thats perfectly normal.

Still your problem is pretty strange, hopefully somebody else can help you out with this one.





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I hope ATI release 9.1 soon - there are a lot of people having problems with this driver. But, considering I have tried 8.11 and 8.10, I don't think it is a driver problem.


A 4870X2... I am jealous :lol:


I love my 4850 though - the 1Gb VRAM means that I can whack the AA right up on any game and only lose a couple of frames :)

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I think the 8.12 drivers are the best so far, did you ever ran driver sweeper before installing new drivers.

Its a must with ATI drivers.

I have to say the X2 is also a bit of overkill for me, but i aint planning to upgrade for another year so this is pretty future proof.

4850 will do the job with most games on normal resolutions so nothing wrong with that card, its good value for money.


Here is a crappy inside pc cell phone pic (most recent pic i got)




and the outdated thread of my pc on our clan forums




New pictures will come after i rebuilded my pc with enhanced cable management and new OC results, no real hardware upgrade plans but as a HW junky like me i cant promise anything ;)

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Nice rig :)


I will upload some pics of mine in a bit (not much to look at though, the Gigabyte mobo I have got is not laid out very well so it makes cable management a nightmare - especially with IDE ribbon cables <_ plus my rig is pretty much bog standard by todays terms. going to do what you said and reinstall using driver sweeper first. cheers for the link>

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Well, reinstalling drivers and using drivercleaner in safe mode before doing the reinstall did not fix my problem in COD4. However - it did find a LOT of stuff from previous installations, so it was probably a good idea to run it.

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To bad it didnt fix your problems, hope you will find out what the problem is soon.

And for all ATI uses always use driver sweeper if you want to install new drivers, most of the reports of the so called "bad" drivers of ATI got to do with this.

Some pics of your rig Duality would be nice, always like to see other peoples PC.

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Will hopefully get some pics up some time today - moving house, then I will be able to take some snaps.


Seriously nothing to look at though :lol: The whole thing is pretty dusty - but it serves me well :)


Antec Solo Case

Coolermaster eXtreme power 500W PSU

Gigabyte 965P-DS3 (rev 3.3) Mobo

Q6600 @ 2.4 (no overclock - not got decent enough cooling yet, just some random LED fan)

2Gb DDR2-800 RAM

Radeon 4850 1Gb (stock clocks as well - looking into an aftermarket cooler... memory overclock always results in artefacts)

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Dont OC your videocard, its not really worth it.

If you got a G0 Q6600 you can probably OC it to 3GHz with the stock cooler, that will give you the most performance gain.

Ofcourse a aftermarket cooler for your CPU is the best solution, if your looking for one just let me know i can help you with a good choice.

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