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Namespoof and Registering Clantag


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From the thread you have linked


What benefits will I get?


Mainly two, and both related to security


1st - On all servers with tag/name protection activated, and your nick/tag added, only the players with the password on his PC can use the nick or tag registered, any attempt to use it without password (trying to steal a nickname, i,e.) will be kicked.


2nd - In all the servers (including previous), the log of the server will register a special entry that allows to certify if was the authentic player who was there. That means If someone steal our nickname or uses the clan tag without permission, and does something weird on server, you always can ask to admin to seek your registered entry on logs to ensure that was a fake. This include the fake names used by cheaters when use someone id, or a stealed clan tag. Any player in server can also check our id, just using /pb_plist at any moment.



On all servers where name protection is activated then yes you are protected.


Point 2 above explains what to do in the case where a server does not use tag protection and your name is spoofed.





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