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Describe Ban Please


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Hello, I am }kB{^Skye leader and founder of Team Knuckle Busterz on AA 2.6


I am posting this because this was brought to my attention the other night and I am curious as to what it is and why.


Formerly }kB{^gameheadclank


Now known as gameheadclank


MAC: 00:16:76:B0:F8:XX




I was wondering maybe if someone could give me more information on this ban that was placed on him.


Maybe a screenshot or ban line, preferrably a screenshot.


Thanks to all that helps me.

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he needs to open up a ticket with evenbalance and appeal his ban.


Cheat/Hack Violations:

When PunkBuster detects a cheat or hack by repeated positive identification on a player's computer, a violation is raised. These violation numbers are 50000 and higher. Families of cheats are listed below. Resolution: Remove cheats and hacks from the computer.

#50000s - Aimbot

#60000s - Wallhack

#70000s - Multihack

#80000s - Gamehack

#90000s - 'Cheat' Video Drivers

#100000s - Speedhack

#110000s - Autofire

#120000s - Game Hook

#130000s - Attempted PunkBuster Hack


Punkbuster raised a violation and your player was banned. If he wishes to appeal the ban he can click on the appeal this ban button on that link I gave you. Only evenbalance (the maker of punkbuster) can determine if the ban is a false positive and only evenbalance has information on what hack is triggered by what violation (and they do not give this out)



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It's called punkbuster... its the software that we use to stream data (cheat violations and other server data) to us. We use that data to ban player. Your clan member had a violation triggered by punkbuster (aka evenbalance). A normal violation by punkbuster might be a 2 minute kick, we on the other hand believe in a perminate ban.


Until evenbalance says the ban is not valid (will be lifted) then your clan member will stay on the ban list.


That is how we work.



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