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cant find servers


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i have aplied my dedicated server but there is an error my guid isn't in the database and they ask me to join a server who is already streaming i got the link but i only see games and no servers





I was unable to locate your GUID (c2e66798 Call of Duty: United Offensive) in the PBBans MPi. If you are sure this GUID is valid, please join a streaming server (list of servers is available here: Click) before you apply for a team account using this GUID.


Also, please double check the GUID (you only have to provide the last 8 characters which may reduce the chances of incorrectly reading / typing your GUID).


You are clear to reapply once you resolve the above mentioned issue.




my question is can you give me an ip and port off an call of duty united offensive server who is alreadyy streaming to pbbans,

i hope you can couse when i joined that server i could aply my own servers

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i would like to do that but i cant the page i have is different,


this is a screenshot from the page given to me,




i hope the problem could be solved

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i joined the server an it and i saw the server welkom message from pbhub,


and i reaplied my server,


i hope it will work now.


txn for helping me,


greeds Bart Verdouw

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