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Hi i used to be a streaming game admin till about 1 week ago, i went onto a server today where a player was blantantly hacking i dont mean as i they where owning me i mean there where owning the level stod still with a auto weapon i have fraps screen shots and screen shots of him typing on screen that he had anti ban built into this hack???




Serial key


He had a score of over 500 to 6 and was on for 2 mins on crossfire lol never seen it before always keep an eye out for things to try and help you guys with this / evenbalance

Cnnot post screenies here as room is to small to upload them but more than happy so send them to you on email and videos to see if you can help remove this muppet and his followers


He was typing on screen get my hacks for free message me on xfire on an address i will also send to you on request as else more people could join this muppet

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