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bf2 guid?


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is there a way for my to get acess on here that i can see peoples clan guids?

we are streaming to you guys but we are still getting hackers

we getting alot of people lately coming in for 5 mins just short enough where it gives no screen from pb of his name or guid so we only get his name and we come on here and his guid isnt on the ban list because hes never been caught yet


i have the name of the guy who crash it last time and i am 1000% right on this becauuse he spammed in big letters and colors back to the desktop nooobs.....hacker community.com like that so i checked the screen shots hoping pb got a shot of him for his information but nuttin so i only have his name

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You don't seem to be part of a streaming team account, are you sure your servers are streaming?


You will receive appropriate access once you're part of an account that has servers streaming, you will have to ask whoever is in charge of your account to invite you into it by going to the ACCP.


What's your server's IP?


Also, I recommend looking at the hub streaming guide, especially the Hubflags. Perhaps you don't have 'Enforce bans' checked?


PS. As far as the server-crashing goes, not much you can do I'm afraid (except give him a local ban). There's no way to prove for certain who did it; we will just have to wait for patch 1.5 and hope it fixes many of these problems.

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