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Old Pro Gamer banned for gaming name over a decade old!

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I was banned from a server because of my name which a server admin apparently found offensive. What is offensive is that I have been using this name since 1996 in a Professional Gaming capacity around the world starting with New Zealand.


Full details posted here, http://forums.gamers.net.nz/showthread.php...d=1#post1293997


It is actually less offensive than some of the game content which makes the ban even more ridiculous. Have the actually listened to the ingame voiceover between levels?


The server in question is "NZ FFNZ [HC] For mature players only! www.ffnz.co.nz Hosted by gamers.net.nz",


It would be fantastic if some sanity was restored and an old school gamer allowed to enjoy the new game he bought without people abusing the power vested to them in a game.


Interested in your feedback.

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This is a local ban from that server. You will need to contact the server administrator in order to have your ban removed.


Closing this thread now, since these type of threads inevitably turn into flame threads, even if the original poster did not intend for it to do so.

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