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Server Denied


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Hi, my server has denied. http://www.pbbans.com/forums/index.php?sho...mp;hl=matomesmo .

It's a trouble. The server isn't a home server. It's in a VPS (Virtual Private Server) (http://www.altsoft.com.br/). Please check the server again. And IPs, now my IP is diferent of the server. In first time, I logged in forum with VPS. Now, I'm in house and the IPs is diferents.


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One of the first checks we carry out is check the applicant's IP against the server IP. They should never match. If they do then streaming is denied as a matter of course. If you can register on these forums with the same IP as your server - then you can obviously play a game from the same IP as the server, which we do not allow for a number of reasons.


You may not re-apply for streaming with this server.

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Ok. But I assure you the server it's not in my residence. As you can see in the VPS service site, none of the servers have video cards up to play. I can't even log in at VPS when there is a match, because the ping of all players would increase causing lag problems.

I rent the server from a company, and I have complete acess to the computer, as any other servers that you do the streaming.

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