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Server Denied?


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I recently applied for my server to be streaming and will have multiple servers streaming but was denied to lack of forum activity? http://www.pbbans.com/forums/index.php?showtopic=81718


Are we serious?


Image Gaming is new competitively, and I am getting it off the ground. The leagues we will be playing in is TWL, CAL, CEVO, EnemyDown and PBBans streaming is a requirement for these, yet I was denied because of lack of forum activity?


How many members and posts will be required before streaming can be activated?


Can you explain to me how little site activity on a newly released site translates to a denied application.


I am just trying to understand since streaming in the past wasn't this difficult.

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New regulations as per recent events has lead us to become more stringent on our procedures. The two things we require are a publicly available roster (which was fine on your site) and a forum with a basic level of activity.


This means some threads with more than one reply, and forums with more than two threads in them. We do this to judge clan longevity - as it takes a lot of work to sort out new team accounts for teams - which goes to waste if I take the time setting up a new team with only 2 threads on their forum and then find that they close up the next day. The system would only get clogged up with unused team accounts.

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The link to our application post:




Note that it asks about any bans and that we will run all applicants through the player index and MBI. If we are denied for lack of forum activity, I guess that won't happen.




Additionally, the leagues we will be playing in require us to be streaming. I have listed them with their respective anti-cheat clients so you can see we are serious about this. How can we accomplish these goals if we are denied right out of the gate?

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Every other team that applies to us is put through the same checks, so I can't start making exceptions for people simply because they want to get into the leagues ASAP.


With the current situation in anti-cheat we cannot start accepting teams that look like they were set up just days ago. Forum activity is not something that can be accurately quantified in any way - so it is purely a judgement call on the part of the reviewing admin. I don't believe that forums with at most 3 posts in them constitute an active forum.

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I can appreciate the fact that it takes work on the admins part to stream, but I thought the whole goal here was to eliminate the cheaters as an organization. Just because the team is new should not mean a definitive denied application due to lack of forum activity.


Read the news post. We will be playing TWL, CAL, and Cevo. We are currently playing in EnemyDown. http://www.enemydown.co.uk/clan.php?id=59309


All those require individual AC clients so that should also help determine that we mean business. Seems to be a catch 22 doesn't it? The leagues require streaming to PBBans, but PBBans denies us due to lack of longevity (since we are new) but in order to not lose interest in competitive gaming, we need to play in leagues.


Our old website and forums had more activity, we just released this new site on a new host this last weekend. Also seems to be a catch 22.

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A catch 22 indeed - but rules are rules and my decision on this application stands.


You may reapply in a couple of weeks when you have some evidence of a good level of activity on your forums.

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