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What to do about hacker in BF2?


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I was playing on a random server using the "Play now" in the BF2 menu.


On the server there was a player named C_C CHICCO001.


We were playing on the Karkand map, and he was killing me repeatedly using a short range P90 rifle from across the water from the MEC main base. I was trying to find him using sniper rifle, but he was outside the "fog of war" and could still see me.


He killed me repeatedly like this, until I started asking for admins... which failed. Then I asked people to leave the server and not feed him free points when he's hacking. People did start to leave, and I switched over to his team when the map changed and blocked his view to stop him from hacking.


He then said "Back to desktop everyone"... then spammed the chat with a website, cheatercommunity or something like that... and we all got kicked to desktop.


I didn't get to record a demo of it, and when he kicked everyone to desktop like that I couldn't check what server it was on either.


What can be done about this? Is there anyway to flag this player to have him monitored more closely so that he can get banned?


I know people shouldn't, and doesn't get banned from posts like this without any hard evidence. Anyways, I just wanted to make everyone aware of this player, since he obviously has no second thoughts about ruining the game entirely for everyone on a server.


Name was C_C CHICCO001 ... that's zero-zero-one at the end and not 'O's.



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