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GLOBAL PunkBuster GUID BAN dfbf1846


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My server admin has PB streaming and they still are getting all of us kicked to desktop with this msg (enter name)GLOBAL PunkBuster GUID BAN dfbf1846 for 1 min

They pause the game before this happens. what can we do to stop it? :(

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To quote a post in the private section of the PBB forums:


This is not a kick or message that is sent by PBBans. There is no code in the Hub to even send a global ban message.


From what we can tell someone may have found a way to send server commands to a BF2 server and making it appear PBBans is sending the commands.



The following are a way to help determine if a violation is real:


A fake violation:


[12.28.2008 01:33:30] ->PBSV: Kick Command Issued (KICKING!!! DissectAndConquer VIOLATION (AIMBOT #50136)" "" [Admin Decision]) for (slot#7) 76.31.*.*:3040 d3dc95915 DissectAndConquer

[12.28.2008 01:40:53] ->PBSV: Kick Command Issued (KICKING!!! ((MC)) Omeg4 VIOLATION (AIMBOT #50136)" "" [Admin Decision]) for (slot#1) 98.224.*.*:63275 aaedf9cd ((MC)) Omeg4



Notice any kick from an admin in BF2 will have [Admin Decision] at the end of the kick reason.


A real violation:


[12.29.2008 09:25:36] ->PBSV: VIOLATION (AIMBOT) #50120: *NdQ* nature_whish (slot #17) Violation (AIMBOT) #50120 [77f2bb8c0b7d4e9d6370df02f3c5e04c(-)]


[12.29.2008 09:25:36] ->PBSV: Kick Command Issued (Violation (AIMBOT) #50120) for (slot#17) 77f2bb8c0b7d4e9d6370df02f3c5e04c *NdQ* nature_whish


Anytime a violation is raised the PB logs will state it before kicking. If a VIOLATION line is not there then PB never raised it.


Someone most likely has RCON access to the server and is sending these fake commands. I recommend you change your RCON password, and your BF2CC default-admin password as well.




I suggest you ask your admin to add you to the team account, so that you can access the private section and the original discussion found here, or have him look at it.

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