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WallHack or not ?


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Today i was checking PBSS from my server and i found 1 ss where i don't really know if this guy is cheating or not.


Please help me :P


--Screenshot has been removed, upload them the proper way.--



The following will get your PBSS removed



Editing, blanking out the GUID/Name. Attaching jpg, bmp etc. (B1.)



Posting your PBSS without including any comment. (B.)



Don't hotlink the image to an external site, free image host or other.



Upload your screenshot with attachments --> upload --> manage current attachments --> + insert



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I suggest you consider setting your servers up to stream with PBB.






That way your servers benefit from extra protection, and any PBSS of hackers that you do find, can get added the PBB's Master Ban Index. ;)


Afraid I can't comment on this specific screenshot though, as I don't play CoD.

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