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non complicated giude?

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Hi there i came here to try and get my servers streaming and get them fancy little welcome messages on my server when people join, all i got though was a big head ache and a fuzzy head, things like that should have a simple how to guide without linking off to other things halfway thru.. Ive obviously registered to the forum can someone please give me step my step instructions on how to get the rest set up?


I should also add that im already streaming to punksbusted.com, does this make a difference? and im running multiple servers on cod2 and cod4 is it possible to get them all streaming and get the welcome messages on all?


Thanks in advance


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You don't appear to be part of a streaming team.


In order to use the welcome messages, you will need to apply for a Team Account here and set up your servers to stream using either the automated Webtool or the manual steps described in the Hub streaming guide.


The entire process (assuming you use the webtool) can be completed within minutes, depending on how fast your application gets processed; nothing complicated about it.


After that, it's as simple as going to your server manager in the Team Account's control panel, and setting what message you want to appear.

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