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kicked by pb for md5?


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im new to the cod4 scene and was playing it yesterday for the first time,


after playing a hour i got kicked with an error message something like


ignoring md5tool queries and i get kicked for 2 minutes


what is this error message and how do i fix it, Thanks

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It means your pb-client is having communication difficulties with the server, related to the pb software in particular.


Since you're new to the game, you're likely running a stock config. Open your console and enter /cl_maxpackets 100 (default setting is 30, dial-up relic) to get a bit better connection to servers, will likely help to some degree with your issue. Mostly, though, this has to do with your internet connection. If you're playing on a wireless router, try hard-wiring your computer to it, or at least moving closer to the router itself.

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