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what Kinda of hack is this ?


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[11.15.2004 12:39:35] VIOLATION (VIDEO DRIVER HACK) #90011: ^0pigger^1007 (slot #28) Violation (VIDEO DRIVER HACK) #90011 [ee13c1899c09628213d481ed5dd921ac(VALID:282)]



this kid keeps coming to my server after I ban his IP and he just keeps chaning his ip I was wondering what kind of hack is this

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he type this to me




well as much as i love the attention...im afriad i have no idea as to what that hack is...im hearing its a wall hack (as much as i wld love 2 have 1 i do not). i play on a lot of servers, most of which have et pro and i have only been thrown off 1 before now, that was when i first installed the minimizer but since then its been fine.

Feel free 2 keep on talking about me but in a non hacking topic please

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From evenbalance:


Hello *****,


This violation states that some driver was used that allows for

cheating. This can either be a usual video driver which has been

changed/altered in some way, it could be a video driver which allows for cheating

"out of the box", and it can also be a opengl driver which allows for



There are NO known false positives with this violation except the ones

noted on our website for each game - if no false positive statement

exists for a violation number, then it is considered valid.





Even Balance, Inc.


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