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Hi im now sreaming my cod5 server and now i want to stream my cod4 server in the pb hub setup i keep getting an error Q3 REMOTE CONSOLE DRIVER: SERVER IS NOT RESPONDING

Anyone know what the problem might be it used to be streaming but now it shows its not so iv tryed to set it up again and this is the error i keep getting


thanks in advance for any help i recive fireballmcnailz [><]clanscotland


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[19:41:19] pb_sv_uconadd 1 pbbanshub pbbanshub




PunkBuster Server: PB UCON Profile not added due to duplicate profile name (pbbanshub)





NOW IT SAYS Awaiting admin approval WHAT IS THIS PLEASE ?



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Sandrock is correct about the mods; as long as the mod doesn't replace the existing files required for streaming, it shouldn't be a problem.


As far as 'waiting for admin approval' goes; it's exactly that.


One of our hub-managers will look at it, and if all is well, the server should be approved soon.


PS. No need to write everything in capitals ;)

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Ah admin aproval thought i had to do somthing to aprove it on the server got it now


ps. Sorry about the caps just used to shouting at clan members LOL


Server is streaming fine now thank you very much for your time and your help guys :)

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