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IP related prob--


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So this guy [MM]-Timeshift-T is on the PBBAns List...anyways...thing is...he claims that thats nt him...cuz he plays frm Pakistan and the one caught on PBBAns is frm America=/.(we all just thought he bought a new game(cuz his old guid got banned...anyways...we sadly didnt keep tabs on his Guid thus we dont know whether that was him or nt..HOwEver


I searched [MM] TimeShift-T in www.gametracker.com ands in thats

In that ther is No MM-TimeShift T playin frm America or one who ever has....thers just the Pakistani one=/


Plus how hard is it to get some1 frm another country to be named just like that...exactly!!!...plus other member frm this MM haker team also hack big time...MM-smoke is another member who has hacked and is banned....and someother peeps as well


SO is it be possible fr pepl to change ips...or that PBBans make mistake...or that ive noticed sometimes ppl hav unkown written next to their Ip???

My eng is a bit wrong excuse

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U want me to give u TIme-Ts GUID?....his latest one??..or the one that got banned???...cuz i cant stand this...gametracker shows that only 1 guy plays wid this nick all over the world...then how and why does his IP show America???

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It's possible that his CD key was leaked/stolen and used to hack. The guy who used the stolen/leaked key to hack was from the US, hence that's why the American IP is on the list of IPs/aliases.


Just my 2 cents.

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Well...once they get a hold of a CD-key, they can change their name/alias to anything they feel like putting using the COD4 multiplayer options.


As for the reason why...who knows?

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