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hello i have messed up my pb config file pbsv.cfg by trying to run GGC stream and i would like a unmodified version of this file if possible.


The files i replaced or uploaded for ggc are as follows :-








Do i need any of the files above to re upload ? .. i want my pb back to basic how it was before i messed up lol .. .. after uploading this we all get lots a lag and errors "Cvar clientsideeffect" errors.


Thanks in advance

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If you want the stock files the way they're generated by PB, I suggest you contact your host, they should be able to provide you with them.


Another possibility is deleting the configs. PB server should automatically generate new ones with the stock values.


If you wish to stream to PBB, I suggest you take a look at our recommended pbsv.cfg in our MCI.

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