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I wasn't really done, remedy?

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So how do we solve this?


What if I made a new site, www.nobsclangaming.com... or similar


no cracked talk, only legit chicago ip's.


Full roster visible.


Would we be allowed to stream?


What if we were a completely different name altogether?


What if I left the clan and joined another clan, am I blacklisted?


I'm trying to figure out what limits you've placed here.

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Your website advertises cracked servers, has a forum full of posts saying how to get around PB banning cracked servers, has posts about how to change your CD key in the event of a ban... the list goes on.


Your clan, as a whole, will not be permitted to stream to this organisation now - or at any foreseeable point in the future.

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NoBS #2 Zombies nobsclan.com N0-CD K3Y N33DED

NoBS #3 Ranked Mixed Stock Maps nobsclan.com NO HELIS N0-CD K3Y N33DED

NoBS #4 Ranked S&D nobsclan.com N0-CD K3Y N33DED




Together with UTDM, NoBS produced the concept, and UTDM applied it. This fix will stop the error messages and will also allow futher manual updates from PB if you choose to do so. This is CLIENT SIDE ONLY,

server admins need not install this. This will not stop servers from getting banned, nor will it unban your server. Bans are IP based and held in a database at evenbalance. All this does it stop clients from producing the error message and the lag that corresponds with it. NoBS and UTDM take no liability in this program, thanks and happy killing!


We do not support the streaming of cracked servers or from teams that suggest ways to bypass PB Server Bans

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