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Enforced Ban-MD5-Hub Live-MBI


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Idea 1:


How would it be enforced if the option is changed as follows Ban instead of the one entry in the all bans for cheaters say 1 days ~ 1440 minutes will be banned, then a manipulation of PBBans.dat more difficult and there is a clear bans which one only writes his own Bans Ban enforced because only Tempbans it.


Furthermore, many servers do not use the

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PBBans uses live banning. We will not be delaying bans - they will always be live to provide servers with the best protection. If a cheater is caught cheating, why allow them to continue playing? Bans are sent to all streaming servers within a matter of seconds, and that will always remain so.


MD5 updates can be provided via PBUCON already. Check the tickboxes in your account manager.


I'm not sure what you're asking for with idea 3. Are you asking for an option to be able to create custom bind scans?


All PBSS are already verified by MD5 checksum, not by any other information. This ensures that the cheater is banned, even if the GUID has been spoofed in the screenshot (if a screenshot contains a spoofed GUID, the log itself will contain the REAL GUID being used by the player). All log information is also automatically extracted - staff do not have to manually search through logs. SGAs do not have to search through log files either - the IP address is optional to be entered, but not essential.


There is no reason for us to delay the public ban lists. Doing so would only benefit the cheaters.


I am not able to understand your last paragraph.

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