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server blacklisted


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Server is blackisted from streaming to PBBans.





May I know the reason why this server is blacklisted and how to solve the issue, if possible?


Thank you in advance


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Ok, thank you.


I followed up with my GSP to have this adjusted, but I'm not sure he fully understands the issue (he suggested to "change the port".)

I'm quite confident this is a technical misunderstanding and not a tentative to avoid activision checks (Our other server is with this gsp too and it is ok).


May you please briefly explain what should we adjust, or kindly link me to a "noob-proof" guide ?


Btw, following the istructions in this post i tried to check the server with command "authservername" and the result was:




"authServerName" is: "cod4master.activision.com" default: "cod4master.activision.com"

Domain is any text


Obviously I miss something, how do i check if the server is cracked or not?


Thank you in advance

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