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Enforced PBBans EBL


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Today, i tried to join a server and was kicked for 30mins with the reason 'Enforced PBBans EBL. Your GUID was banned by AirDaleOps [Admin Decision]' I have never cheated or used any hacks, I was a streaming game admin for some time (and will be again soon) and do not understand this ban. Im not globally banned but i cannot get on to a few servers for this reason. Any help would be greatly appreciated.




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No, it is the server admin's choice of how he wants to manage his server.


Your banned GUID needs to be discussed at AirDaleOps.....if you feel the ban is in error, they will be able to answer your request for help.

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Airdale ops is located here:


This is a totally different anti cheat site that has their own checks. They have decided to ban for mr. nickles fast fire script while we just put it in check to be kicked for.


Your ban is here:


I have not seen them lift a ban for this violation BUT you are going to need to appeal it on their site as we are different anti cheat sites and do NOT control each others bans.



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