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Banlist clarification


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Hello guys.


I have a few questions over the banlist that someone I know has been added to (Nov 2008). Our server has not setup a stream yet to the PB banlist and this person has been playing for months with us. However, the other day in a friendly scrim he got kicked on their server for a PB ban in the region '#70000s - Multihack'.

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It turns out he has the same GUID and IP as two other people that he knows and plays with. This must mean a duplicate CD key but is this the reason he got the PB ban?


if you have a task setup for guidrelax


pb_sv_task 1 300 pb_sv_guidrelax 0

then players with duplicate keys (IE friends/family sharing) will not be able to play.


The line I highlighted makes it sound like the same person (or that he shared the key with his friends).


as far as the violation goes only evenbalance can say if the violation was valid or not. I suggest if you still have the logs you find them and open a trouble ticket with EB asking if the violation is valid or not (you would need the kick log and approximate time)

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