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Rep_setup questions?


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I am trying to ensure that my server is taking 100% use of everything PB and PBBans offers. I was reading the Rep_setup.pdf file that I downloaded from here. In that file it has me add four command lines to the pbsv.cfg,


pb_sv_LogAddr rep.pbbans.com // this never changes

pb_sv_LogPort 24389 // this never changes

pb_sv_LogUser USERNAME

pb_sv_LogPw PW


I have done so and assume that I create my own user name and password for it, which is done as well. My question is that in the pdf file there is a link for me to post a topic to include "title as your server ip/port, please state Rep method/ game/ clantag and dont forget to pass via forum PM your chosen username and pw to a staff member"


The link is not working in that pdf, can someone direct me to where I need to post this information so that I can get PBHubs method working rather then the REP since it is the recommended way.


Server IP w/ port:

Call of Duty WaW

PBHub Repository method

clan tag:=[AGD]=


Thanks for any help!


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The rep method of streaming is somewhat archaic and not in use here any more. Your servers are streaming as they should be via the UCON hub method :)



Team: Armored Gerbil Division (=[AGD]=)

Account ID: 7942

Streaming Status: Streaming (1 / 1)




Server List


CODWW - (Streaming)

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Thanks alot, I am new to this setup and was just going off the guides you all have posted here. Again Thanks!

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