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black listed serever

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Hi we (or the ex co leader) wanted to stream our servers to you guys but was refused due to his IP been on some list.


We now have split one server each and would like to stream ours, but I believe from Blounty that they on some blacklist is there any way now around this as Nemeses is no longer with the guild and I was lead to believe that was the problem.



we only have the one server now as nemeses has the other.


opps should have added Clan is FeaR and server IP is (this is the one we have the other he has)

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Nemeses wasn't just linked to "some list" by IP, he has a GUID ban on the MBI. That is the reason he wasn't allowed to stream. However if you say he is no longer with the clan you may apply for streaming. I will though just let you know we do thorougly investigate all applications before accepting clans.

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