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Ok, I have my server up and running...just going for a 16 slot public ranked server for now until I have more experience as an admin.

I also have my site up and running and have added 20 something of our clan, our clan roster, forums, and gametracker server banners.


Do you think I am ready to apply? I ask because as of yet the forum is empty and although the site and server are public no one ( apart from clan members ) are using them.


Does that matter?


I will be adding more to the site over the next few weeks and will get some non-clan buddies to sign up to the site and start using the server, though.


One other question...If I apply and get rejected, is that held against me next time I apply or do you go strictly on requirements?




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Just make a small part of your forum public, so we can see any activity.

With 20 members there should be enough.


And if you apply and get rejected, it's strictly on requirements.

Unless you do it for the 4-5 time and you still don't have it.

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