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Appeal Denied-Can i do anythnig?


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A. Reinstall your os

B. buy avast or something better then what you have for an AV program

C. Buy a new copy of the game

and move on...


You were banned because someone got ahold of your key. most likely through a virus, either way the ban on the guid will not be lifted as it would allow the "hacker" to continue to play under your guid.

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Unfortunately, there is nothing you can do about this ban. It is a confirmed cheat. The player that got caught was from Italy. I would say make sure your Internet Security and Anti-spyware programs are updated and do weekly scans for both. Someone, got your key somehow and it is more than likely a virus or keylogger. So, double check your system with other free scanners as well. One may not pick something up, but the other may. You dont know.


As for the ban, it is valid and will remain on the MBI.


Go buy a new game and make certain your key is not layiing out somewhere.



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