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Are there any conigs available yet


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Hi i have just got back into aa after a break for a few years, i have got my server up and running with punkbuster and all is running well, but what id like is some kind of user cfg i have set up a basic one for ppss and some other stuff but what im looking for is cvars i know alot of people are using baiminghelp=true and fogvolumes=false.

After reading through the pb guide and then the game and engine ini files ive came up with two to hopefully stop these being used in my server, im not to sure if they will work as ive never added cvars on my own before.

So if someone could take alook and let me know that would be great.


pb_sv_cvar "Engine.PlayerController bAimingHelp" include false

pb_sv_cvar "SystemSettings FogVolumes" include true


Also can i stream my server to pbbans yet or do i need to wait for you to support it?

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You currently don't seem to be streaming to us. Without having your server's streaming to us, you will not be able to access our CVAR/MD5 configs.




http://www.pbbans.com/account_application.php -> Application


http://www.pbbans.com/info-center-hubguide.html -> Streaming Setup


Also can i stream my server to pbbans yet or do i need to wait for you to support it?


We 'support' every game that Evenbalance supports, which includes AA3 ;)

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