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Servers and Site Need your expertise


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please dont ban me if I am wrong in this post please just delete it. I am not advertising I am asking for help.


I believe whole heartedly in what you do.


My name is Tiggers. I am not selling anything I am asking for your help. I have built a site called www.redirectfiles.org and it is built on the foundation of custom gaming. Standard servers are not on the agenda. Here is what I am asking. Below is a list of servers that I have that need work. I am looking for people that know how to modify servers to take one of these servers on. I am not asking you to buy the server I already bought them I need them modified. There are three positions available.


Server modifiers

--the server modifier will take on the server of his or her choice they have full control and can put any mod they want on the server. You can run messages for your clan in the server and you can create anything you want in the server with your clan name or tag. You are responsible for maintaining the server.


--For this I will put your name and Clan banner on the website stating what you have done and what mods you installed. People can ask for different mods through the forums.


--You will get full access to the server. FTP Web and Config access. You will also get a redirect address to put mods on and basically anything you need to get the job done. you will get a special storage folder for you to upload stuff while working on it. If you need something that is not given in the list let me know and we can work it out.



--The editor will review games that have come out and help create hype for new games. You will also get your name on the site and your clan banner. Along with this you will get special access to some of the forums and you will get the bylines for your work. I will give you access to upload videos and photos and I will teach you how to upload and change the web pages on my site. You will be granted Publisher ranking for the site.


Tournament server setters

-- These elite few will be versed in how to set up servers for competitions for just about every game that has a comepetition. You will be responsible for setting up and making sure the servers are within regulation at the time the servers are needed.


I have more postions and I am willing to work with any age group so please dont believe if you are young you cant help. I look forward to anything you all have to say and hopefully getting some help.



Call of Duty 2

Call of Duty United Offensive

Call of Duty 4 Modern Warfare

Call of Duty 5 World at War

Modern Warfare 2 updated 6-15-2009 server available for preorder (depending on availability of new Maps and Modification)

Counterstrike Source

Counterstrike 1.6

Team Fortress 2


Crysis Wars

Left 4 Dead

Left 4 Dead 2 updated 6-15-2009 server available for preorder


Once again this is a request for help and nothing more I am offering up some sort of compensation with the advertising that is temporary as I grow I do plan on compensating when I am capable. Also if you dont want to help with the site please register and tell me your thoughts in the forums of the modded servers I already have running. here are the servers right now




CoD4 ac130 mod X4

CoD4 Pistols only with fast running (my config for this has glitches I need a good config if you have one plese let me know)


You can contact me by xfire at tiggersbound and email at [email protected]



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We wont ban for advertising, let alone asking for help :)


As long as its not a spam bot posting, anything goes with me :)



Thank you I really do need help and I need reputable members and this is where I find some of the best members to be. They respect fair gaming and work diligently to protect the rights of the masses. thanks



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