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I have problems with SOF2

BoS SaSuKe

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Soldier Of Fortune 2 Problem


ok...i got banned from a server...and i tryed to get a new CD Key to get into that server again.... and the key i got is hacked or something...i dont know much about computers so talk to me like a retard...and dont use abriviations....


ok so i tryed going into EvL and it said i was hacking...but i do not hack...so someone told me that my ip (ip?) is forever linked to a cheating ip....so i can never play sof agian???or whats going on? if i get a new CD Key that is Clean will that get rid of everything??? or can u clean the one im using?


i dont know what to do and i need to play SOF its my life...can someone help?

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Read here:




Newer games all have the same CD-Key. I even have a linked ban because of this. Activision shut down the Authentication servers and we all have to play on non pb servers because of this issue.

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Yes, I play SOF 2 also, and if you're not an "old school" player, you don't get a guid of your own. And that's just sad. I hope you can find a way around this. Ebay might be an option, but then again, the odds of finding a bad key on a game you purchase on ebay are awful high also.


As far as the link, unfortunatly nothing can be done about that. Activision just stopped giving a s*#t about the game so everyone's hands are tied on that.


Again, check Ebay and ask the seller questions if you find one.


Good luck SaSuKe.

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ummm...ok well...i kinda need real help... i dont think anyone can help me with it....i think all i need is a new key...so i think i need someone with a keygen....i have been playing sof2 sence it came out for 8 years...its my life...plz help

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Keygen... This is an anti-cheat site so no more talk of those OK.


A: Your chances of finding a key that is unique are about as good as getting blood from a stone.


B: Quit the game and move on.

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Yes, Those things that we will not speak of are no good. And I agree with Ace, don't go that route because it doesn't take but one bad decision to play a good game.


And then you've got bigger problems.

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