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Never use G2PlAY.net


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As I am writing this I have come the conclusion the G2PLAY.NET is very dishonest. I was given many keys, all of which we're already used by many people, one linked to TONS of bans, another one that had been used in several different countries. I know have a couple keys linked to me that really didn't want and I've resorted to getting a refund so I can buy the actual game so I know I get a fresh key.


Please everyone just stay away from them.


Here's one key




here is another



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i thought all those type of sites were selling leaked/banned GUIDs?


Usually they sell clean keys but sell them multi times and hackers are big customers.


I have yet to hear about one that doesn't resell the same key multi times.

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The best way to keep from getting a banned or linked Key is to buy the game and get the fresh key. I have the original game that I bought almost 2 years ago and protect it like it was GOLD.


If you used any one of those keys and got your Handle associated with it, no matter what you do, Your handle will be associated. You'll have to start over with a new Handle and fresh Key to get away from it, but your IP may end up being associated...


Hate to see that, but, things like this happens. I've banned 3 people for associated IP's, but made a note with the ban to contact us on our forums and we worked through it and now they play on our server religiously...


Hope things go to the good for ya....

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