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id like to Volunteer myself to help with pbbans


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I am happy to see that you are interested in helping pbbans. The best way to help out our community, at this point, is to be on the forums a lot and give educational feedback to others members. No matter how insignificant the issue, it may help on a large scale down the road. All feedback is appreciated and we are glad you decided to join a great community. If you have any questions, contact any staff member and they will guide you in the right direction.

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Generally we 'invite' people to staff, there is no open application process.


As SuperTaz suggested, hang around the forums, contribute, become an SGA if you have a server, and we'll see how it goes from there ;)

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Sorry to but in here guys but this guy is a compleate tosser he thinks he knows everything about everything (any help he gives anyone on the forums will be googled to find the answer) iv had nothing but abuse and tex messages about how to run a clan since i asked him to leave my clan for causing arguments with all the members , Id bad mouth him but that will be me just lowering my self to his level , he got kicked out my clan before then i let him back in and told him to behave but no he did it all again ! see he has this way of sucking up to you then when he gets some responsibility he uses it to his advantage , So i think letting this little boy into the admin world on PBBANS would be a big big mistake .......


ps. "contribute" you must be joking :)

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