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3 hackers here.


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Ok was just playing in a COD4 server and check these 3 hackers out. Their names are clear:


***Admin Edit***

Xfire/fraps/etc videos are not accepted as evidence here. Removed.



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+1 for the Admin, xfire records are not legit


if it's your server it's not streamed here..?

it's not hacking, but the map is loaded in devmap, these guys using noclip.


Not bannable

Edited by Konnor
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Evidence is only as good as its source. PBBans has taken the necessary precautions to verify their sources of data through the streaming application process. All evidence must coincide with streamed server logs.


In order to submit evidence (PBSS, demos, logs) you must first apply and be accepted as a Streaming Game Admin or provide the data to an SGA of the streaming server on which the data was captured. Moreover, the data must take its proper form to be considered. Xfire demos are not proper form; only demos recorded via the game software are valid for the purposes of review.

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you have been visited by the spelling police :)
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