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help plz admin

Guest gunn3r

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Guest gunn3r

hi :)

umm how do i start this... k my h/d crashed last week and all my stuff with it :angry: .. but thats not the end of it as my external h/d crash 2 weeks b4 that :( ..as a result i,v lossed all my info and i cant get in2 my account to manage it. my name woz "gunnerfrank" and the server is |=KFF=| codww server ip:-

i,v started this username just so i can come and ask 4 help if poss?




ps heres my account http://www.pbbans.com/forums/index.php?showuser=130246

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great :) woz trying username and not e-mail only lol thnx m8 good 1 :)

Glad to see you've got it worked out and back on as SGA. The second account you created will need to be dealt with as we only allow one member account per person. The account will show as banned. Don't be alarmed as that is normal procedure.

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