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I have been trying to get my four league servers streaming again and I am not sure what the problem is. I had them all setup and streaming when I 1st set them up. But now when I checked my account is says they are disconnected from the Hub. When I tried to reconnect them and get them streaming again, they said servers not streaming. I do not know what the problem is.


I am using the same setup I have for all of my clan servers, and they are all streaming. So I am almost positive that the config file setup is correct.... unless something needs to be different since these are league servers. Is that the case?


Please help.


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Hmm, I did not change anything on the servers. I will go over it all again and see if I can get them streaming.


Funny part is I used the same config's from my clan servers that stream to pbbans and have been all this time.


Have no clue why these would not be streaming.




Added the servers back into control panel and went through the setup. It said they all should be set to stream now.


Edit 2,


Seems they are working now. I look at the old setup and it appeared to be the same. Not sure what the problem was... but glad they are now streaming.


Thanks for looking into this!

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