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Ok, I was wondering at what point would you you raise an eyebrow at someones accuracy. I have about 10 players on my server who have no problem getting 42 to 47 and sometimes 50 acc on any given night. This is after 900 shots or so as well. I know obvious aimbots will be at 70 percent and higher but with the new PRIVATE aimbots they can tweak the acc based on how many kills they want. I don't wan't to run around recording people who are just really good.

Also, I have seen a few aimbots that are not detected by pb AT ALL. There is at least 5 of them that I know of and I have video of them working on 3.1.9 with PB enabled if you think im full of it.


I have heard that Alpha players are near 50acc, and was wondering if this is correct.

Any comments would be great thanks.


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Hmm , maybe you should report those bots to EvenBalance.

I was always wondering how can anyone recognize player with enabled aimbot.


BTW: Does anyone know how aimbots works? . I'm really interested in it.

If they were based on modification of packet ,then data encryption could solve it.

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most aimbots tie into the client game engine itself, and control moving the mouse with high accuracy/speed (faster and more accurate than any human). many also control the timing of firing the weapon too. So from the server side, there is little that can be done.


I would advise sending these undetected cheats to [email protected]

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But how they take data from game? Are they listening on port or how?

I think that they cannot read it directly from memory, because memory is protected ( or should be)

My experience is that I couldn't read data from memory of another process.It immediately caused

segmentation fault.But I don't what it causes in Windoze. I'm using linux.

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There are different ways of doing this. Some cheats override the code used by the operating system to write pixels to the video card (Opengl32.dll hacks). Some cheats "inject" their code into the game or "hook" into an interrupt. The structure of cheats and viruses can be very similar. They are very clever pieces of code. You know the old saying, "where there is a will, there is a way". ;)

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