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C5L CoD:WW HC Open Cup (4v4 SD)


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Hi All,


I`m inviting clans of all abilities to come and join in our 4v4 Hardcore Open Cup #1 over at C5L (www.cod5league.eu)


More details below...





Teams : 16 (32 if enough interest)


Team Size : 4v4


Mode : Search & Destroy - Hardcore


Type : Knock Out Cup


Player Requirements : Xray Anti-Cheat (www.xraygaming.com)


Server Requirements : comMod (www.commod.eu)


Open To : All European Clans


Closing Date : 21st August 2009


Introduction :


Signups are now open for the COD5League.eu Hardcore Open Cup #1 Sponsored by EG-Servers (eg-servers.co.uk)


There are 16 spaces for teams of 4v4 in a straight knock out competition. Teams will be drawn randomly and the competition run over 4 weeks starting Monday 24th August 2009. The cup will be played in Hardcore mode on a Search & Destroy gametype.


Teams of all abilities are welcomed to take part in this competition. We aim to have a bit of fun with a bit of competition. So if you play for fun or are seriously competitive, why not join in and battle your team in this hardcore competition.


Win and progress, lose and you`re out. If we receive enough interest then the cup will be increased to 32 teams over 5 weeks.


Where to sign up :


Visit www.cod5league.eu


In the top left hand corner click Register and create a player account. A valid PB GUID and Xray Anti-Cheat GUID is required.


Once confirmed and logged in create your team

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