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Didnt even get a chance


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So, I applied to your forums through my laptop.


Read the instructions on how to set up streaming.


I remoted into my game server, logged into your site and downloaded the files and requested an app. Thought it to be easier than FTP.


You obviously denied it as the ip of my server is the IP that I remoted into and your rules say, no soup for you!


Shame on me for not reading every line of your rules. :blink:


How do I reapply ? You have denied posts locked. If you check my server IP again you will see it is hosted at Hypernia (Ubiquity) in Atlanta.



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Account processing SOP is that denied applications are locked to keep the applications section tidy. You are welcome of course, to open a thread like this to discuss your application in more detail. Doing it this way just keeps the applications in the applications section and the discussions in the discussion section :)


SOP is also to deny any application where the applicants IP matches that of the server. This is to prevent people who are running home servers from being able to stream to us (security issues etc).


Since you have your servers hosted in a datacenter, this is not an issue - so it was simply your use of remote desktop that got your application denied. You should be able to re-apply here: http://www.pbbans.com/account_application.php - so as long as you make the actual application via your own home PC there should be no issues. As far as I can tell, no permanent denial was issued so you should not run into issues with your re-application.


To avoid unnecessary delays with your re-application, please make sure you read through our Terms of Service and the Streaming Application Requirements.

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